Consensus document

Consensus document agreed among the founding members
Name: NfR SriLanka; Networking for Rights  in Sri LankaExile Network for Media and Human Rights in Sri Lanka


The introduction, aims and membership criteria  stated below will serve as  the basis of consensus for the first year for the organization to be known as Networking for Rights (NfR).
Based on the experience of the first year this document will be developed into a formal Constitution.


To create a network  of Sri Lankan  human rights defenders  living abroad, including  journalists, writers and artists, to work towards defending , strengthening and enforcing the human rights and democratic freedoms of all peoples of Sri Lanka and towards building a sustainable and just peace with reconciliation in Sri Lanka.


1. To strengthen efforts and initiatives to defend human rights in Sri Lanka, including through the creation of links with national and international organizations that work for the promotion and protection of human rights and democratic freedoms  in Sri Lanka.

2. To support respect for minority rights in Sri Lanka;

3. To support the evolution of a political resolution of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, based on principles of justice and  equality;

4. To engage constructively and in a transparent manner with the government of Sri Lanka, with members of  Sri Lankan political parties and with Sri Lankan civil society organizations in furthering the goal of Networking for Rights.

5. To work towards defending , strengthening and enforcing  freedom of information and association including media freedom and creating the necessary conditions for securing the people’s right to information;

6. To engage in all and any other democratic and open activities which are deemed appropriate to achieve the Goal and Objectives of Networking for Rights, including making regular and open interventions on issues related to human rights and democratic freedoms in Sri Lanka, including the freedom of the press and the freedom of association;

7. To collaborate at every level to support Sri Lankan human rights defenders, living in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Membership Criteria:

1. All Sri Lankans who live abroad and agree with the above mentioned Goal and Objectives are eligible to apply for membership.

2. Non-Sri Lankans as well as Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka who are committed to the above mentioned Goals and Objectives are also eligible for membership.

The Framework and Structure of the NfR:

1. The group of 10 persons who sign on to this Memorandum will constitute themselves as the Core Group.

2. From among themselves, the Core Group will select 5 persons to function as a Secretariat for the purposes of carrying on the day to day activities of the NfR;

3. In general   the decision making process of the NfR will be based on email and internet discussions between the membership, mediated by the Core Group;

4. The Secretariat will be responsible for maintaining minutes of meetings and discussions of the NfR, in English;

5. The Secretariat will send out a call for enrollment of members and circulate a list of all applications for membership received within 3 months of sending out such a call;

6. Members will be accepted on at least 3 members of the Core Group endorsing the membership application;

7. There will be an annual Membership fee to be decided on by the Secretariat.


8. NfR Sri Lanka will keep its structure simple and flexible.

The end.


Ensuring all human rights for all Sri Lankans


  1. Creating a network  for protection, prompting and  empowering all human rights in Sri Lanka
  2. Making intervention in defense of human rights of all Sri Lankans
  3. Maintaining especial focus on social justice, freedom of expression rights, minority rights and rule of law in Sri Lanka

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