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Open appeal to Human Rights Council: At UPR – Sri Lanka prevail upon Sri Lanka not to dismantle the 13 amendment and provide speedy political solution

An open appeal to the UN HRC in connection with the Universal Periodic Review in November, 2012  on Sri Lanka urging  it  to  prevail  upon Sri Lanka to stop the dismantling  the devolution of powers that have been conferred on the Provincial Councils by the provisions of the  13th Amendment to the Constitution.

NfR Sri Lanka, a net work of journalists and human rights defenders,  makes this urgent and open appeal to the members of UN Human Rights Council in the context of the up coming second session  of the Universal Periodic Review. The human rights situation of Sri Lanka is to be reviewed during this session commencing on  1st November 2012.  Continue reading


Sri Lanka:Military barred journalists visiting the IDP relocation camp in Seeniyamottai and threatened to mind her own business

Press release 07.10.12

NFR wishes to draw attention to the number of feature articles published by print and web media on the situation of the 110 families who lived in the Menik Farm IDP camp and threats faced by the journalists while covering the relocation.

The articles provides  a cogent account of the current situation where the State appears to show the world that it is going ahead with the resettlement of the IDPs of the region expeditiously, but is not the case. This report exposes the fact that the government and the military are carrying out a resettlement program where people are being taken, not to their original homes, but to lands that have no infrastructure; nor are the people being equipped with the basic necessities of life. It is troubling to note that these displaced people are taken to uninhabited areas while the military continues to occupy their homes. Continue reading

Sri Lanka: Journalist assaulted, Photographer threatened and Editor sacked

Press release/ 30 Sep 2012

Mr. Prasad Purnimal, a provincial newspaper correspondent of the Puttalam District has been hospitalized after he was assaulted by security guards of the government hospital at Halawatha/Chilaw. 

Issuing a statement on 29th September, the Free Media Movement (FMM), the local press freedom watch dog said that the assault on Purnimal  is one in the indications of  the on-going anti-media attitude of the hospital security staff.   This assault had taken place while a government Deputy Minister and Army Major of Halawatha (Chilaw) were there. The FMM’s statement says that even though several days have passed after the assault, the police have, as usual, not taken any steps to investigate the incident and no one has been arrested so far. Continue reading