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Sri Lanka: NfR holds the government accountable for any violence that may take place against pro democracy lawyers or independent judges

(NFR’s statement on the need to re-establish the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary following the illegal impeachment of the Chief Justice.)

 NfR Sri Lanka, a net work of Sri Lankan journalists and human rights defenders, believes that the time has come for all Sri Lankans to come together to vehemently denounce the present regime’s moves following the illegal impeachment of the Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranaike, which has negated the power of the judiciary. By such an action the Government has taken away the confidence people had in the judiciary to obtain redress when their rights a violated, and has unleashed terror campaign against all forms of dissent against the Government. Continue reading


Sri Lanka; Newspapers burned in Jaffna; Armed political thugs intimidate peaceful protest in Colombo

NfR, Networking for Rights in SriLanka, a net work of Sri Lankan journalists and Human rights defenders, expressed its strongest condemnation of blatant violations of people’s right to free expression reported form Jaffna and Colombo on today, 10th January 2013.

 In Jaffna Uthayan newspaper came under attack early this morning.  Mr. Nageswaran Piratheepan one of its delivery agent was followed by four ‘unidentified persons’ riding two motor bicycles. Mr. Piratheepan was stopped, beaten with poles, his motorbike and the newspapers were set on fire by them..  Mr. Piratheepan has been admitted to the Jaffna teaching hospital and reports say that one of his arms is broken in the assault. The assault took place at 5.30 AM at Maalu junction Jaffna. Continue reading